Matala Rolls - Black


Matala Filter Media - Black Rolls

Matala Filter Media Black Rolls measure 6" thick and are available in various diameters to suit your specific needs.

Black Matala Filter Media provides outstanding mechanical filtration, removing leaves, rocks, and other debris from your pond water. Black Matala is also the most used density for waste water treatment / sewage systems. It is currently being used in municipal waste water treatment plants in various cities around the world. The open flow configuration allows high volumes of dirty water with very high biological oxygen demand to pass through without clogging. The bacteria growing on these strands form thick biofilms in an oxygenated environment with even flow distribution. When you use the Black or Green Matala for mechanical / solids filtering, you may use the garden hose to spray them clean. In general these two color densities are use as mechanical solids filter pads and you are not concerned with losing any bacteria with a hose washing. The dirt falls off very easily.

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Item # Description Price Points  
R22BLK Black R-Matala 22-inch Was $68.00$57.00 50 Add to Cart
R24BLK Black R-Matala 24-inch Was $80.00$68.00 60 Ships 4 Free
R27BLK Black R-Matala 27-inch Was $102.00$86.00 80 Ships 4 Free
R32BLK Black R-Matala 32-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $123.20$112.00 100 Add to Cart
R30BLK Black R-Matala 30-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $126.00$107.00 90 Add to Cart
R37BLK Black R-Matala 37-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $201.00$170.00 100 Add to Cart
R42BLK Black R-Matala 42-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $246.00$209.00 100 Add to Cart
R48BLK Black R-Matala 48-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $323.00$274.00 200 Add to Cart
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