Matala Rolls - Blue


Matala Filter Media - Blue Rolls

Matala Filter Media Blue Rolls measure 6" thick and are available in various diameters for your specific needs.

Blue Matala provides outstanding biological filtration for Koi ponds and water gardens. Offering high surface area, this media type is high density and provides an ideal environment for colonization of beneficial bacteria. Compared to other media types, Blue Matala filter media will filter out a much smaller particle and yet still maintain good flow distribution. In larger systems all four types can be used in sequence to essentially remove all solids. Matala filter media is a progressive filter Material that is self supporting and multifunctional. Used for prefiltering, mechanical filter media, biological filtration, spawning mat, plant protection, and as a support for other filter medias. Uniquely versatile, Matala filter mats are easy to work with and can fit most all filtration needs.

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Item # Description Price Points  
R22BLU Blue R-Matala 22-inch Was $73.00$62.00 50 Ships 4 Free
R24BLU Blue R-Matala 24-inch Was $87.00$74.00 60 Ships 4 Free
R27BLU Blue R-Matala 27-inch Was $110.00$93.00 80 Ships 4 Free
R30BLU Blue R-Matala 30-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $135.00$115.00 100 Add to Cart
R37BLU Blue R-Matala 37-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $206.00$175.00 100 Add to Cart
R42BLU Blue R-Matala 42-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $258.00$220.00 200 Add to Cart
R48BLU Blue R-Matala 48-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $346.00$294.00 200 Add to Cart
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