Matala Rolls - Gray


Matala Filter Media - Gray Rolls

Matala Filter Media Gray Rolls measure 6" thick and are available in a variety of diameters for your specific needs.

Gray Matala Filter offers the highest density of any Matala bio media type. This durable filter media provides outstanding biological filtration thanks to its high surface area. It also does a great job of fines removal, effectively eliminating even the smallest particulates from your pond water. This results in crystal clear water, resembling bottled drinking water. The Grey Matala Filter mats will filter out a much smaller particle and yet still maintain good flow distribution. In larger systems all four types can be used in sequence to essentially remove all solids. Matala media works perfectly with upflow filter designs. The ideal configuration would be the Matala® filter media stood vertically rather than flat. This allows for easier cleaning. All you do is grab an individual piece and shake it up and down to clean it. If your filter chamber is packed to tight, take out one piece first. Laid flat you will have to remove all the pieces to get to the bottom dirty piece. Stagger your vertical pieces with different Matala mat densities to achieve better solids removal or better biological filtering depending on the tank capacity. A Green piece next to a Grey piece for example will give good flow around the Grey one and trap solids in the Green one.

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Item # Description Price Points  
R17GRY Gray R-Matala 17-inch Was $51.00$43.00 40 Add to Cart
R22GRY Grey R-Matala 22-inch Was $79.00$67.00 60 Ships 4 Free
R24GRY Grey R-Matala 24-inch Was $94.00$80.00 70 Ships 4 Free
R27GRY Grey R-Matala 27-inch Was $119.00$101.00 90 Ships 4 Free
R30GRY Grey R-Matala 30-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $147.00$125.00 100 Add to Cart
R32GRY Grey R-Matala 32-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $161.70$147.00 100 Add to Cart
R37GRY Grey R-Matala 37-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $223.00$190.00 100 Add to Cart
R48GRY Grey R-Matala 48-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $376.00$320.00 300 Add to Cart
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