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Matala Rolls - Green


Matala Filter Media - Green Rolls

Matala Filter Media Green Rolls 6" thick and are available in a varietyof diameters to fit your specific needs.

Green Matala is the perfect mix of biological and mechanical filtration. This media type is commonly used in skimmer filters, waterfall filters, and several do-it-yourself pond filter designs. The Green Matala can follow thereby trapping a medium size particle. Both Green and Black clean out very easily by simply shaking the pieces out before draining the sump. When you use the Black or Green Matala® for solids filtering you may use the garden hose to spray clean them. The dirt falls off very easily. A good biofilter needs a lot of surface area with open spaces between for good aerated water flow. A high surface area is useless if the passageways are so small that water flow cannot penetrate.

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Item # Description Price Points  
R17GRN Green R-Matala 17-inch Was $44.00$37.00 30 Add to Cart
R22GRN Green R-Matala 22-inch Was $71.00$60.00 50 Ships 4 Free
R24GRN Green R-Matala 24-inch Was $84.00$72.00 60 Ships 4 Free
R27GRN Green R-Matala 27-inch Was $107.00$91.00 80 Ships 4 Free
R32GRN Green R-Matala 32-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $130.90$119.00 100 Add to Cart
R30GRN Green R-Matala 30-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $132.00$112.00 100 Add to Cart
R37GRN Green R-Matala 37-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $201.00$170.00 100 Add to Cart
R42GRN Green R-Matala 42-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $265.00$225.00 200 Add to Cart
R48GRN Green R-Matala 48-inch - SHIPS OVERSIZE Was $338.00$287.00 200 Add to Cart
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